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Let’s make you look amazing for that special day or event

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Account details are not present to avoid double bookings.
To book please contact Amanda.

For Hair & Makeup Bookings

To make a booking please call my mobile or email me to confirm your details. Or let’s have a no obligation chat about your hair & makeup ideas, and how we can help you look amazing on your wedding day or for that special occasion.

For Hair & Makeup Trials

Please come with your hair clean (washed the night before & rinsed extra well) and please have your hair 100% dry.

Please allow 2-2.5  hours for your trial, which is plenty of time to try several styles if by chance you are unsure.

If it is possible to come without make-up please do however make-up can easily be removed before your wedding hair and make-up trial begins. Bring along any images you like as well as any accessories you have including your veil (if applicable).

I am recommending you to EVERY potential bride I know, as I truly believe you are the best in the business!”

Keira Tunner